As your one-stop solution for all locksmithing issues in Birmingham, Kyox Locksmiths of Birmingham is ready to provide reliable locksmith services, whether residential locksmith services or commercial locksmith services. This page shall provide definitive answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


How much does a lock change cost?

Every lock is made differently, and each brand has its own lock construction techniques. Some locks are substantially more difficult to work with than others. As a result, we cannot give an exact estimate of the cost for each lock change until our experts have evaluated the lock. You can, however, receive a free estimation of the cost by filling out the form on our website. The more information you provide about your locks, the better we can assist you.

Is it worth getting a lock professionally changed?

Even if you have some expertise in locksmithing, you should generally not handle lock changes. This is because there is a real risk of you making the situation worse than it already is. Locks are quite delicate, and if you mess up with the pins, the locks can become permanently damaged. To make sure that you shall get the best outcome, please contact Kyox Locksmiths of Birmingham if you need emergency locksmith services.

What certifications do our experts have to change locks?

All of our professional emergency locksmiths have received the best training before they are sent on field assignments. The training shall prepare them for a wide variety of different locks, as well as different situations. After the training, the experts receive training certifications as proof of their excellence. They are also insured to prevent any damage on your end.

How much time does it take to change a lock?

Since every lock is made differently, the time it takes to change a lock varies from one model to another. Furthermore, it also depends on what kinds of damage have been inflicted on the lock as well, so it is difficult to establish how much time our experts need. That said, if you request emergency locksmith services, the processing time shall be minimal to help you quickly gain access to your residence or office.

My insurance company requires a five-lever mortice lock (BS3621). What is this?

The BS3621 is a UK lock standard for thief-resistant locks. Locks that have satisfied this standard are usually extremely durable and impervious to tampering, so they are generally preferred over regular locks. Because these locks are so powerful at preventing thefts, insurance companies often require the door locks to be compliant with the BS3621 standard.

I lost my house keys, what should I do?

The very first thing you should do in this situation is to find a safe area, especially if it is already dark. Safe areas include a trusted neighbour's home or a relative's home. Then, you should immediately call our emergency locksmith services right away to receive the best assistance. They should be able to assist you at the earliest notice.

What should I do if my key broke inside the lock?

You should not tamper with the key in any way, as it can aggravate the situation. Calm down first, and then call our expert emergency locksmiths right away for help. You should also tell the representative the model of the lock you are currently using so that our experts can bring the right tools to the job.

I moved to a new house, do I need to change the locks of the doors?

The answer is a definite yes. No matter what the previous homeowner tells you, you should always change the locks for your own safety. This is because there could be copies of the locks out there, and bad parties might use them to hurt you.

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